Susan Sarandon

Susan Abigail Tomalin
October 4, 1946

Age 65

New York City

To be honest she really hasnt aged that much, but the movie that brought her to my attention was ofcourse Rocky Horror Picture show. If you havent seen it

shame on you. Oh and also go watch it ASAP. Anyway in the movie she plays this innocent girl who slowly gets the bad brought out of her. Perfect body and just really pretty in general.

She’s still in the business and she seems like shes doing great.

Lets thank Susan Sarandon, for just



Christina Applegate

Christina Applegate

November 25, 1971

40 Years Old


From married With Children

Later episodes became more of a crush not sure why but shes still mega smoking and still acting!


Lets thank Christina for being so cool and for being oh so hot


Cindy Morgan

Cynthia Ann Cichorski
September 29, 1954



Lead Actress in Caddyshack

Not much to say besides how fine she was back then.

To be honest that movie changed my childhood in general, mainly from the cursing and nudity, but DAMMN was she fine, mhmhmhmhm

And for her age now shes still looking mighty fine!


Thanks to Cindy for making Caddyshack even more memorable

Lucy Pinder

Lucy Pinder

December 20th 1983

28 Years Old


Lucy came into my life maybe when I was around 14. I’m not entirely sure how I found out about her must have been me googling sexy women and it popped up.

Either way shes totally gorgeous, personally I love her body, and she loves sports. In England shes huge shes just a model no movies or anything but if you search online you can find some of her X rated pictures taken of her for the UK Magazine Nuts.


I want to personally thank Lucy for being so damn cool, being drop dead gorgeous and most of all for making me sane in my teenage years

Brittany Daniel

Brittany Ann Daniel
March 17, 1976 (age 36)



Joe Dirt, Joe Dirt, Joe Dirt

This movie was hilarious to me as a kid and still gives me those slapstick laughs to this day, but my most fond memory of this movie

comes from Brittany Daniel in her role as Brandy.

I think this was when I first started to coming to terms with the loser guy getting the hot chick and making it seem no longer impossible for me to score a chick like that. Cause lets face it David Spade doesn’t have too much swag 😛



I havent really seen her at all except in White Chicks but she’s still fine

Thanks to Brittany for staying sexy and making Joe Dirt more bearable to watch

Bridgette Wilson

Bridgette Wilson

September 25, 1973


38 Years Old


We all remember her from Billy Madison, and never forgetting her role as Sonya Blade in the first Mortal Kombat movie.

I first got a huge crush in her in Billy Madison something about her sarcasm really got me going.


Lets thank Bridgette for being super hawt and staying classy all these years

Amy Jo Johnson

Amy Jo Johnson

October 6, 1970


I think we all may remember her from Power Rangers.

At 5 years old I watched that show all the time, and once I got passed all epic action sequences the only thing to look at was Kimberley, the Pink Ranger.

As a kid I didnt know that the footage of the rangers fighting wasn’t actually them in the costumes but I as a kid I thought not only could she kick ass she was totally gorgeous.

Recently I dont know what she’s been upto I bet still somewhere in the industry, but either way I totally wont forget about the pink ranger.

Thanks Amy Jo Johnson for making me straight and being the best pink ranger evAr!

Carmen Electra

This blog is a dedication to all the women who made me the man I am today and hopefully some of these women have affected your lives growing up aswell.

To give you a background of myself, I am 20 years old now, grew up in a nice home, and I am in college now. Just a quick disclaimer I am not a homophobe at all

I love everyone equally and people’s ways of life are their own and theres no way I could ever judge or criticize that.

The women chosen are women I was obssessed with as a kid, women that changed me, and I can guarantee you, as a kid not having these little crushes/ dreams I would

not have ended up the same way on a general level

So saying that I’ll chose the woman that started it all for me

Carmen Electra 

Tara Leigh Patrick
April 20, 1972

40 Years Old


We all remember her from Baywatch back in the late 90’s. Picture with her with red thing and her in 2012.

I remember sneaking to watch her run to the water on TV and all I could dream of  as a kid was her running to come rescue me with the little red thing they’d always carry

She deserves the first post because she was/ and definitely still is gorgeous. Not only this, but she’s also fun to be around, knows how to have a great time, and knows exactly what we want from her.

Thank you Carmen Electra for making me straight and thank you for being oh so sexy!