Carmen Electra

This blog is a dedication to all the women who made me the man I am today and hopefully some of these women have affected your lives growing up aswell.

To give you a background of myself, I am 20 years old now, grew up in a nice home, and I am in college now. Just a quick disclaimer I am not a homophobe at all

I love everyone equally and people’s ways of life are their own and theres no way I could ever judge or criticize that.

The women chosen are women I was obssessed with as a kid, women that changed me, and I can guarantee you, as a kid not having these little crushes/ dreams I would

not have ended up the same way on a general level

So saying that I’ll chose the woman that started it all for me

Carmen Electra 

Tara Leigh Patrick
April 20, 1972

40 Years Old


We all remember her from Baywatch back in the late 90’s. Picture with her with red thing and her in 2012.

I remember sneaking to watch her run to the water on TV and all I could dream of  as a kid was her running to come rescue me with the little red thing they’d always carry

She deserves the first post because she was/ and definitely still is gorgeous. Not only this, but she’s also fun to be around, knows how to have a great time, and knows exactly what we want from her.

Thank you Carmen Electra for making me straight and thank you for being oh so sexy!


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